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Restoration 2021 Update (15 oct 2021)

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Dear Parishioners,

The needed repair work of the church is finally done, the contractor has wrapped things up and the church is looking lovely once again!

The repairs that were undertaken included rebuilding both false buttresses and pinnacles in the southwest corner of the building, rebuilding both false gables in the southwest corner, and repairing a large section of the roofing in the same area. Also repaired were the false buttress to the left of the front entrance and the Fisherman’s Window above the front entrance way. Additionally, the entire church was scraped, primed, and re-painted.

We are pleased to share that we expect the final cost to be at or under the July estimate of $185,000, despite finding a number of additional issues since that point in time. 

The final part of this project will be to fully answer why the damage occurred and how we can prevent a recurrence.

While we now know much about the causes of this premature failure, the project team will ensure there is a full and complete review, and develop an action plan that will include a regular and professional inspection process in all areas of concern. This process and potential costs will be included in our annual budget planning. This review will take place in late October and early November, the results of which will be communicated to the parish once completed.

In terms of funding this project, we have surpassed the $40,000 targeted from individuals, although costs will also be about $25,000 more than originally expected. We are grateful for the response from parishioners, and for the generosity of the “Friends of St. John’s” (who contributed a large percentage of the response to date).

It’s not too late to return your pledge card and donations, if you are so inclined. We continue to await decisions from external funding sources.

While this phase of the restoration is complete, please note that during our project review, we are likely to identify several other “areas of concern” that will require future repair work. As an example, we know that there are additional roofing issues that while they can wait until next year (as it is now a little late in the season), will have to be dealt with.

We thank our Parishioners for your patience during this difficult time.

Yours Truly,

Property Committee’s Task Force (Peter A., Raymond F., and Duncan C.)

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