Restoration Update September 2004

* Approximately 75% of the building is complete

* The upper ceiling in the Nave area is stained, varnished and completed

* The temporary floor in the Nave area will be dismantled Wednesday, September 22nd

* The wood work in the bell tower is approximately 75% complete
* Painters have began to stain the wood work in the bell tower

* Wood work in the Nave is approximately 80% complete

* Mural work in the church is ongoing

* Chancel area painting is complete

* The sprinkler system and electrical system is installed in the majority of the building

* Plumbing and heating is currently being installed

*Photography, Ed Jordan

St. John's Anglican Church

"Church of the Stars"
A mystery of the gold gilded chancel stars was uncovered during the restoration project of St. John's Anglican Church. Click here to watch the award winning story featured on the Discovery Channel "Daily Planet" program.

Restoration in the News

A virtual photographic tour of St John's is now available from the World Monument web site.
Click here to view

Virtual photo tour going on-line *Taken from Bridgewater Bulletin and Progress Enterprise June 23, 2004. Written by Robert Hirtle Click here for the full article

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St. John's Restoration, Annual Report 2004

We invite you to review the many details of the project to restore one of Canada's finest National Historic Sites, as presented in this booklet by our committee members. Click here

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